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I firmly believe that good health can be well maintained on the Sunshine Coast by partaking of the many forms of physical and mental activity, the fresh meat, fruit, vegetables and seafood and the variety of entertainment. It's a great lifestyle if you take advantage of it! However, there are lots of commercial health and fitness centres to offer support. Visit the Sunweb health and wellbeing page for some interesting alternatives. If all is not well, there is plenty of help available. I've listed here some of the sources of help we hope you won't need!


Dial 000 for 24 hour help in any emergency. (Police, Ambulance, Fire & Rescue)

The  Maroochy State Emergency Service has a website with useful disaster prevention tips and links to other sites and can be reached in an emergency by phoning 5444-5202.

Other Help & Support

See my Council Facilities page for council emergency numbers.
See pp 4-8 in the Yellow Pages of the Sunshine Coast Telephone Directory for other sources of 24-hour services, personal and household help, health and aged help.  Look in the Yellow Pages Index for Community Advisory Services, Community Health Centres & Services, Health & Fitness Centres & Services, Health Foods & Products, Health Holidays & Retreats or Health Support Organisations.

Health Insurance

Rather than include links to all the health insurance companies, I've included a link to iselect, which will allow you to compare the offerings of the different companies based on your health insurance needs.

Health and Ageing Services

The Australian Department of Health and Ageing has a website with useful information on many aspects of both health and ageing. Start from their Home Page or especially the HealthInsite page for information on lifestyle, health and illness topics. Visit the Consumers page for information on Services including Ageing and Aged Care  and Community Care Services. Caravan, motorhome and other car travellers will no doubt find the National Public Toilet Map handy. See pp 4-8 in the Yellow Pages of the Sunshine Coast Telephone Directory for other health and aged help.


Hospitals seem to be controlled largely by government or private conglomerates which also produce their websites. As a result, few have their own informative sites. Cooloola leads the field here. I have included a few links which will give you a start.

Public Hospitals. Click to enlarge the map.Public

Read the Queensland Government Health Department profile of the Sunshine Coast Health Service District.


Breastscreen Queensland Nambour Service Cnr Mapleton & Waterfall Rds Nambour 5441-7899
Caboolture Hospital McKean St Caboolture 5433-8888
Caloundra Hospital West Tce Caloundra 5436-8500
Gympie Hospital 12 Henry St Gympie 5482-1444
Kilcoy Hospital 19 Brown St Kilcoy 5497-1333
Maleny Soldiers Memorial Hospital Bean St Maleny 5494-2208
Nambour General Hospital Hospital Rd Nambour 5470-6600
Noosa Hospital & Specialist Centre 111 Goodchap St Noosaville 5455-9200


See the Australian Private Hospitals Association website for brief details of private hospital services.

Andrea Ahern Private Hospital 96 Beerburrum St Caloundra 5491-1522
Caboolture Private Hospital McKean St Caboolture 5495-9400
Caloundra Private Hospital 96 Beerburrum St Caloundra 5491-1522
Cooloola After Hours Medical Service 78 Channon St Gympie 5483-9191
Cooloola Community Private Hospital 78 Channon St Gympie 5483-0500
Cooloola Specialist & Diagnostic Centre 78 Channon St Gympie 5482-7777
Eden Private Health Care 50 Maple St Cooroy 5447-6022
Nambour Selangor Private Hospital 62 Netherton St Nambour 5441-2311
Noosa Private Hospital 111 Goodchap St Noosaville 5455-9200
Selangor Private Hospital 62 Netherton St Nambour 5441-2311
Sunshine Coast Day Surgery Second Ave (Cnr Memorial Ave) Cotton Tree 5443-5333
Sunshine Coast Haematology & Oncology Clinic 32 Second Ave Cotton Tree 5479-0000
The Sunshine Coast Private Hospital via Syd Lingard Dve Buderim 5430-3303

Online Health and Science Resources

Authoritative Health and Medical Sites

Many web sites offering health and medical information are either sales-oriented or are otherwise less than authoritative. Some of the best sites backed by government or other accepted medical authorities have information on a very wide range of health and medical conditions. Try this useful article on using search engines to find online medical information. In Australia, try HealthInsite or visit MedlinePlus for health information from the US National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health. Other useful sites include Healthline, WebMD Health, eHealthMD, PubMed Central and, if you want to delve into some underlying science, try the US National Center for Biotechnology Information.  Many open access and other journals can be searched through BioMed Central or the US Public Library of Science.

More General Science Sites

Other useful sites that include medical and other sciences are Scirus, SciTechDaily, EurekAlert! and ScienceBlogs. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) site has a science section in addition to many other sources of information. To go broader still and find out how everything works (well, almost everything) try How Stuff Works.

Free Medical Dictionary

The Free Medical Dictionary is a small software download that allows you easy access to a databank with information on medical terminology, pharmaceutical drugs, healthcare equipment, health conditions, medical devices, medical abbreviations and more.

Nutrition and Diet

Australian Institute of Sport - Sports Nutrition The Department of Sports Nutrition delivers a world-class sports nutrition service to AIS sports and national teams. Our website features a wide range of resources to assist elite athletes, recreational athletes and the general public stay up to date with the latest strategies in sports nutrition.

Australian Online Diet and Weight Loss Club website has a food database detailing the nutritional contents of Australian foods including healthy and fast food varieties. It also has free recipes and public forums. For a fee, you can also become a member and download diet software.

Food Standards Australia New Zealand The government organisation for food standards currently preparing new nutrition tables (NUTTAB05). Check the What's in Food page for details of food contents, additives and treatments.

Formula for Life Sign up for a free account and analyse your own diet. Over 100 recipes, analysis of vegetables, nutrition related diseases, tips on healthy living.

Nutrition Australia As Australia's peak nutrition education body, Nutrition Australia's site provides nutrition information, media releases, fact sheets, position papers, frequently asked questions, recipes, newsletters, booklets, a search engine and on-line food composition tables. Nutrition Australia provides up-to-date, unbiased, credible nutrition information for all ages.  Nutrition Australia's site is updated every week and new site areas are added regularly. Bookmark this site for reliable, up-to-date food and nutrition information!


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